The HSC English Black Book

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Two state-rankers reveal all in the updated and improved second edition of this ground-breaking eBook. Significantly improve your essay-writing skills and easily understand difficult concepts with their advice. Now, for an affordable price, you can get your hands on the greatest insights ever published about the new Advanced English syllabus.

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The HSC English Black Book is the ultimate guide to acing the new Advanced English syllabus.

Featuring varied explanations and examples for the new ‘Discovery’ Area of Study and the altered modules, this eBook is the perfect complement to your classroom learning.

In this definitive text, Jonathon Parker (1st in Advanced English, 2012) and Lorenzo Benitez (6th in Advanced English, 2014) walk you through their own first-hand experience.

With concrete tips on how to improve your writing; detailed, but understandable, analysis of each module and the Area of Study; and a trove of additional resources covering everything from recommended related texts to practice papers: the HSC English Black Book is the most effective path to catapulting yourself to a Band 6.

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Jonathon Parker

1st in NSW, 2012

Jonathon Parker came 1st in NSW for Advanced English in 2012, earning an overall mark of 100. He has worked as an in-demand private English tutor for three years and has contributed articles about the HSC to the Sydney Morning Herald. He is studying for a Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications) at the University of Sydney, where he reports for the newspaper Honi Soit and has been published in the creative journal ARNA.

Lorenzo Benitez

6th in NSW, 2014

Lorenzo Benitez came 6th in NSW for Advanced English in 2014, earning an overall mark of 98. For the first seven months of 2015, he worked as a volunteer teacher in rural Thailand, teaching English as a foreign language to children of the Karen hill tribe. He also worked as a private HSC tutor in the second half of 2015. He is studying for a Bachelor of Arts at Cornell University, an Ivy League institution in upstate New York.


  • “The Black Book provides excellent insight into how to tackle the HSC English Advanced Course, regardless of ability, and how to make sure you get the marks you want in every assessment.”

    Conor Jordan – Year 12 Student
  • “The eBook has been really helpful in improving my essay structure, and especially my understanding of how to use techniques. The list of visual techniques is particularly useful for the viewing and listening assessments. The book really works on the fundamentals which are so critical in English.”

    John Lidbetter – Year 12 Student
  • “Lorenzo and Jonathon possess a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the concepts and types of responses that relate to a range of HSC English courses.”

    Geoffrey Schneider – HSC English Teacher
  • “Lorenzo and Jonathon are the foremost authorities on Advanced English. They’re intelligent, easy-to-understand, and know exactly what you need to succeed. I can’t recommend their writing highly enough.”

    Callum Ryan – ATAR 99.95



Part A: The Bread and Butter

1.  ‘PEEL’ and Body Paragraph Structure

2.  Language and Quotation

3.  How to Discuss Form and Technique

4.  The Importance of Context

5.  Constructing Your Thesis

Part B: The New Syllabus

6.  What is Discovery? Approaching Each Section

7.  Unpacking Module A: Comparative Study of Texts and Context

8.  Unpacking Module B: Critical Study of Texts

9.  Unpacking Module C: Representation and Text


A.  Practice Paper for Discovery Section I

B.  List of Formal Techniques

C.  Final Tips